Vintage Sarees: Setting a class apart

Whenever the word vintage gets associated with anything, it reminds us of something classy and from a different era. Vintage sarees are something similar, they carry the essence and elegance of an era. Although the terminology is somewhat new and uncommon, vintage sarees are those that are made of materials used in earlier ages. Vintage sarees can have handloom works on it, can be hand-woven or even have intricate works and designs that are almost lost in today’s times. Interested? Well, here goes a few of the vintage sarees with which you can adorn yourself and turn heads!

  1. Resham Sarees: Elegant, comfortable and yet stylish, resham sarees once ruled the market before varieties of silk came in. Till date, resham sarees are the epitome of class and legacy of embroidery works in India. Try getting one in your wardrobe and wear it in occasions where you can set yourself a class apart.                                                   main-qimg-d334174a4a0ca0de9131703cfb2be6ca-c.jpg
  2. Georgette Silk: Another beautiful creation from the house of traditional weavers are georgette silk sarees. Georgette is not exactly an Indian product and it owes its origin to France. Today, georgette silk sarees are there in the market but mostly as designer items. Georgette sarees with sequin and pearl embroidery has a chic look that you can wear to parties and weddings as well.                                                                                        61X4-FhDawL._UL1500_.jpg
  3. Art Silk Printed Sarees: Art silk has recently gained a lot of market and has become quite famous among this generation. But apart from normal floral printed art silk sarees, the vintage art silks have stories or any particular pattern printed on them.  Adorn yourself in one such antique collection.                                                                              6981-B_zoom.jpg
  4. KanchipuramPatliPallu Sarees: PatliPallu, locally known as half-n-half in today’s fashion world, is quite an old form. But the vintage feel comes when PatliPallu is combined with Kanchipuram silk. The look and feel of the saree is gorgeous and when you wear one, you are sure to enjoy the feeling of being a glamorous eye candy!       handwoven-patli-pure-kancheepuram-silk-saree.jpg
  5. Jaipuri Gota Patti Sarees: As the name goes, gotapatti sarees have elegant zari embroidery that gives a queenly look to it. But a proper vintage collection would be Gota Patti Rust Fabric saree of pure georgette material. Add one to your collection and adorn yourself in the beauty.                                                                                                       bandhej_handloom_saree_in_pink_and_red_color_2.jpg
  6. Kora Silk Embroidered sarees: Kora silk is again one of the oldest forms of silk sarees. But kora silk with heavy floral embroidery is a collection you would love to have in your wardrobe. So enrich your wardrobe and gift yourself a beautiful look.                                  pgsarll-32235_1_5506c7e5c1e2f._pagli-designer-kota-cotton-with-net-pallu-and-block-embroidered-border-saree.jpg

Hope you loved our article. Do share with us how you are upgrading your wardrobe! Waiting for you!


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